Guiding Customers Through the Complexities

of Securing Grant Funds

About Dual Green

Dual Green Consulting is uniquely qualified to guide our clients through the complex process of securing grant funds to reduce the capital cost of replacing equipment. Whether it is diesel for diesel replacement or an alternative fuel solution, we assist our clients with defining a plan to secure grant funds that fit their operation. Our approach includes a customized collaborative work space for managing cross functional team projects. Of the grant applications we have submitted, greater than 80% of the requested funds have been awarded to applicants.


We specialize in guiding clients through the complex process of reducing the cost of replacing equipment

- Identify solutions aligned with client strategies
- Guide clients through the decision making process
- Bridge the language and knowledge gap between the fleet and the funding agency
- Identify and deploy solutions that have a compelling ROI

Beginning-to-End Project Management
  • Equipment Replacement Strategy Fleet Analysis
  • Grant Research and Matching
  • Application Prep and Submission
  • Operational Efficiency Compliance Evaluations



Our Team has extensive Executive Leadership experience across the Commercial Vehicle Industry. Working with truck OEM suppliers gives us an in-depth understanding of how OEMs integrate technology in new models; how suppliers are chosen; and what is of value to fleets. Beyond OEMs, we have a keen understanding of how and what fleets purchase. Finally, our experience and rapport within the Commercial vehicle industry enables us to deliver an ROI and positive environmental impact.

Industry Leadership

We actively participate in the Commercial Vehicle industry to include organizations such as: The Technology & Maintenance Council, Clean Cities Coalition, Department of Energy, Local Councils of Government, and Regional Air Quality Groups. Our industry involvement has proven invaluable. It has enabled us to provide real-time facts on best practices, technology, and grant programs that are a match for the specific needs of our clients.


Client Portal – Collaborative Work-Space

The Challenge:  Most Fleet decision makers are aware of grant and incentive funding to replace equipment. However, when exploring funding programs, it can quickly become overwhelming due to the mountain of paperwork and complexity. Even if an internal fleet person is identified, managing the analysis, application process and details of receiving the funds, can be mind numbing.

Our Solution, utilizing the Dual Green Client Portal, has proven to reduce the grant application preparation process by as much as 75% for Federal, State and Local grants.

Full Service –– Dual Green Staff Managed Projects -Beginning to End

Self Service – Customer Managed Projects

Alternative Fuel and Emerging Technical Solutions

Our Team has done extensive work with fleets evaluating and deploying new solutions. When it comes to successful deployment, we have learned there are several important and complicated steps: Spec'ing the vehicle, Charging / Fueling, Maintenance, Operational Fit and Return on Investment.


Natural Gas
Propane AutoGas

Diesel Equipment Replacement

For most of the commercial vehicle industry, diesel is the fuel of choice. Many fleets are replacing old equipment with new cleaner diesel engines. Fleets Currently operating pre 2010 engines may be good candidates for what we call "D to D" grant funds. Regarding grants, our core competency is providing Fleet Executives a simplified process of securing grant funds. We have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and staff to get the job done.

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